Lushious offer more benefits in a vegetable

 Safe-to-eat  We ensure that all Lushious products are safe from harmful chemicals (pesticides and fungicides)

 Fresh  Harvested and delivered via strictly temperature-controlled logistics direct from farms straight to retailers to ensure freshness and shelf life. This unbroken cold chain stars at our processing and packaging center (CPPC) to main distribution centre (DS) and redistributed to retail outlets nationwide.

 Hygenic  Lushious undergo clean process from seed to the shelf. Lushious vegetables are farmed and harvested in Controlled Environment Farming (CEF) farms and clean farms, packed clean in certified consolidated processing and packaging center (CPPC)

 Delicious  We select and grow good seed to make sure the quality of the taste. We make sure the delicious taste of our vegetables are preserved through the whole supply chain, the high technology farming and processing and controlled logistics

 Healthy  Rich with nutrition eg. Tomatoes are high in Vitamins A and C, calcium, potassium and lycopene that help to prevent heart disease and cancer.  You can learn more on the health benefits for each products in the Product Catalogue page

 Longer shelf life  Because our vegetables are fresh, they can be stored in your fridge longer compared to other brands. i.e. 3 days to 7days under refrigeration/chiller

 Wide-range  More than 30 SKUs to choose from to suit your preference and choice of use

 Halalan Toyyiban Logistics  Lushious products are stored and transported in certified halal and clean warehousing and logistics system. Do not worry whether Lushious are transported together with non-halal food.

 Environmental benefits Every steps into producing Lushious to our consumers following MyGAP and GMP which are good for the environment - proper wastage handling through farm waste management,  and we make sure no pollution to environment (soil and water) because we make sure the chemical used is following the limit

  Price Affordable price suit to our Premium Quality and all the benefits as above

 Easy to buy  Lushious vegetables can be found in your nearby retails outlets – look for the Lushious Label!