Lushious vegetables are safely grown in Bertam Valley, Cameron Highlands and lowland farms in Malaysia. These vegetables are grown by our own farmers and we place a dedicated team to make sure Lushious is of best quality. The process of producing premium grade quality vegetables starts from seed selections. We select the best and imported variety seeds. Next, nursery and sowing - we choose only healthy seedlings for production. The unhealthy seedlings will be destroyed because we do not tolerate on quality. Then,the FERTIGATION system (fertilizer + irrigation), we are using the best in class fertigation system. 


Our salads and lettuce are grown using the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), a hydroponic technique which is environmentally friendly that minimize use of water and increase productivity of crops. While the Control Environmental Farming (CEF) is a farming method where vegetables are grown in glass houses. Fertigation method is used to supply water and nutrients to the plants. In the glass houses the vegetables are better protected from pest and therefore minimal pesticides are required. The NFT and CEF method together help to reduce the risk of pest and disease.

Every batch of all our vegetables goes through the Maximum Residue Level (MRL) test to ensure that our contract farmers use only the permissible level as approved by the government. Our vegetables are farm tagged for traceability. Lushious is among the few food producers to be certified with MyGAP. 

Lushious vegetable production is planned to meet the demand and supply, we plant what we sell and we sell what we plant. Some of our vegetables are sourced with the sourcing criteria that all external farms we sourced from are evaluated and are ensured to follow our strict standards.