Lushious Butterhead

Product Descriptions;

Lushious Butterhead  is grown in our farms in Cameron Highland applying the NFT system.

Butterhead can be recognised by their pale green and medium-sized leaves that form solid medium-large heads and buttery yellow heart at the centre. Their smaller leaves, delicate texture and sweet buttery flavour would make them a better choice to make a delicious sandwich.

Lushious Butterhead is packed with two piece (or more) of Butterhead in clamshell packaging with minimum weight of 250g per pack.

Health Benefits;

​Butterhead lettuce are good sources of folate.


Product Catalogue

Lushious Salanova Royale Butterhead

Green, fresh, clean & crispy

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Lushious Mixed Salad

Fresh, green and red curly leaves

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Lushious Green Coral (in PE Bag)

Voluminous curly leaves make for attractive presentation

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Lushious Butterhead

Semi-closed lettuce with mild flavour, medium-sized leaves, well-filled with yellow heart.

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