Lushious Highland Cucumber


Lushious Highland Cucumbers are grown in our farms in Cameron Highland.

Highland Cucumbers have cylindrical shape, dark green colour, thin skin and lighly ribbed. They are slender compared to common cucumbers. Only straight with 26-28cm-long cucumbers are selected to be packed as Lushious Highland Cucumbers. They have light green flesh with pale, edible seeds. The flesh has a 96% moisture content. The entire Cucumber is edible. This fresh cucumbers have  slightly sweet taste,  crunchy and less seed.

Lushious Highland Cucumber is packed with two to three pieces of Highland Cucumber in plastic bag at minimum 450g weight. 

Buying and Storing Tips;

Choose cucumbers with firm, fresh skin. Store in the crisper for up to four days.

Health Benefits;

It provides a small amount of vitamins and minerals, plus some dietary fibre. Digestive problems like heartburn, acidity, gastritis and even ulcer can be cured by daily consumption of cucumber.

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