Lushious Romaine

Product Description;

Lushious Romaine is grown in our farms in Cameron Highland applying the NFT system. 

Baby Romaine has small, medium-to-dark green, slightly savoyed, crisp leaves with firm white ribs almost to the tip of the leaf.  Towards the centre, the leaves become smaller, more yellow and sweeter. Baby Romaine have crispy, slightly bitter taste and succulent flavour. They are also the sweetest of all lettuces.  

Lushious Romaine is packed with two pieces (or more) of baby romaine in 250g of weight in clamshell packaging 


Buying and Storing Tips;

Choose leaves that feature crispy outlook, bright in color. Avoid sunken leaves with spots or discoloration. Pack them in a plastic bag or keep inside the refrigerator. 


Health Benefits;

One head of romaine lettuce contains 44% RDA of Omega-3 essential fats. Forget the tainted fish oils, reach for some leafy greens instead! Vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and fiber are found in romaine lettuce


Product Catalogue

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