For those who concern about the quality and safety of the product, worry not. Lushious is a brand that ensures the quality of the product by being certified by certain standards. The logos on our packaging indicates that our product is safe to eat, free from harmful pesticides and fungicides.

The MyGAP - Malaysian Good Agricultural Practices is a program implemented by the DOA to recognize and certify farms which adopt good agricultural practices (GAP), sustainable, environmentally friendly and yielding products that are of high quality, safe and suitable for consumption. The whole farming process from nursery to harvesting are monitored based on strict guidelines and rules in our high-tech Controlled Environmental Farming system in Cameron Highland. All farming processes are monitored to make sure that Lushious is safe for consumption from harmful chemicals. We hire ONLY legal foreign workers and properly housed for our farm activities. Our farming activities are friendly to the environment, following the guidelines with the proper wastage handling through farm waste management, and we make sure no pollution to the environment (soil and water) as the chemical used is following the limit. All our outsourced vegetables from other farms follow the regulation and every batch is MRL inspected. 

The GMP - Good Manufacturing Practices is a program assuring the safe production of food products. The objective is to make a product safe for human consumption. It employs a methodical and systemactic approach to plan, control and document the safe production of food. The process and packaging is compliance with the SIRM standards. The vegetables are packed in a high-tech and clean Consolidated Packing and Packaging Center (CPPC). The strict grading of our premium vegetables is to make sure only the finest vegetables are packed for Lushious.

Lushious is stored and transported in a Halalan Toyyiban Logistics Service Provider, the CCN. CCN is the first to receive HALAL certification from JAKIM. The trucks and warehouse are always in a clean condition. Thus, Lushious vegetables are not stored and transported together with non-halal items which is commonly practised


Signature of Quality

These certifications signify Lushious strong commitment in offering healthier and fresher vegetables for a healthy lifestyle.