What is Lushious


Lushious is a range of premium grade quality vegetables. They are healthier, fresher and even great in taste. Lushious vegetables offer more than 30 products to choose from that suits everyone's need and preferences, consist of more than 10 crops, including salads, chilies, tomatoes, French bean and cucumbers. 

The vegetables are specially grown and harvest in a pesticide-safe environment mostly in Cameron Highlands under strict procedures, through the Controlled Environment Farming (CEF) models and integral environmentally-friendly methodologies. At our high-tech consolidated processing and packaging center (CPPC), Lushious vegetables are meticulously selected, graded, cleaned, packed and immediately vacuum chilled to retain its freshness and traceability.

Rest assured as we meet all the stringent standards as quality assurance of our products. Lushious is certified with MyGAP; the advanced responsible farming to produce safe, healthy and good quality vegetables while assuring their nutrition and nourishment. Meanwhile the GMP certification ensuring the safety, and quality of fresh vegetables by hygienically processed and packed via the industry best practices. 

Lushious quality vegetables are further guaranteed through uninterrupted cold chain system by MAFC’s subsidiary - Cold Chain Network Sdn Bhd (CCN), the Halalan Toyyiban transportation service provider. 

The strict food production process and handling are vital in ensuring the vegetables healthy, nutritious and free from harmful chemicals making it safe to consume for a healthy lifestyle. Find them at most major retail outlets.

When you select Lushious you are making a healthier choice in more ways than one. Make the wise choice - Choose healthy way of life, choose Lushious!

"Lushious Premium Vegetables ensure the healthiest choice for your loved ones."