Lushious is not just another vegetable. We are different from other brands. Lushious Premium locally-grown vegetables are a proudly Malaysian brand of imported quality. We made extra efforts in order to ensure the quality of the products. The vegetables are grown in our own farms in Cameron Highlands (Except Lushious Special Harvest) and processed in our own processing facilities. They are stored in our own halalan toyyiban temperature controlled warehouse and even transported using our halalan toyyiban cold chain logistics.

Lushious is Premium because:-

 Produced under the proper farming method - correct planting and harvesting methods, minimal usage of non organic fertilizers and pesticides

 Safe-to-eat due to strict quality farming - safe from harmful farming chemicals, only the internationally approved types are used. Any pesticide usage is way before harvesting time allowing time for them to biodegrade into harmless compound

 Each batch of products are tested for the MRL (Maximum Residue Limit) of chemical residue to ensure no harmful chemical residue

 High specification - only the best vegetables are selected and packed for Lushious

 Tight Quality assurance - no tolerance on quality defect and physical damage

 Each batch of product quality is inspected to ensure Premium Quality packaging

 Controlled supply chain - Halalan Toyyiban which is handled in clean and Halal transportation and warehousing service

Lushious quality farming and processing is recognized by government certification bodies, the MyGAP and GMP. 

Lushious Quality is guaranteed, so it is definitely a better choice!